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Scott was born in Vancouver, Canada on August 8th, 1963. This critical info is embedded online forever thanks to a family tree posting by an event organizer 20 years ago… He called the Internet people like a dozen times… Whatever!  Scotty’s Big 3 of August 8th Birthdays: Ken Dryden, Dustin Hoffman, and Roger Federer. He’s proud to call himself a true Vancouver local. 

As a kid, Scotty was a mischievous boy who was later diagnosed correctly with learning disabilities, but was never medically proven to be hyperactive; just a good athlete! He constantly battled his older sister, who was three years tougher and wiser. They fought for attention, and with little guidance, had to rely on instincts to get by. Things were pretty confusing to say the least, and Scotty mainly played sports, as there wasn’t much else to do.

He grew up in a privileged environment that included Chinese takeout (nearly) every second Sunday, and mixed celebrations of both Hanukkah and Christmas in the same year… And he knew how to cope and live with low self-esteem, so expectations remained calm. Working paper routes at barely 10 years old, and putting pro athletes on a pedestal were things he did. With his Paper Empire well on the way, Scotty used the profits to buy firecrackers, and resell them for more money to all the rich kids…

At age 9, he ran away from home… on his bike, only to return hours later. Rejuvenated and inspired, he would spend the next four years studying for his Thursday Bar Mitzvah in 1976 (Saturday Bar’s were for “high achievers” only). Believe it or not, Scotty graduated high school on time in 1981 with all of his mates.

None of this was straightforward. With lots of friends but still socially awkward, Scotty lacked guidance at home, as his parents split just before his 13th birthday. He got mixed up with some badass kids, who made him do evil things; drugs, alcohol, theft and fighting… But being Jewish, he didn’t fight, he just arranged the match-ups!

He took a year off after high school, and worked full time at the “toughest” of Safeway’s at 45th and Fraser, where theft was a major deal… Once, he had to run after a thief, ultimately tackling the perpetrator, Gangnam style. In that moment, Scotty was THE MAN… For tackling an old, tiny defenceless guy, who stole a freakin’ Swiss Army Knife… He could’ve been killed and gutted right there in front of the bus stop, but no… This would be Scotty’s claim to fame. During his year off, Scotty banked more money to buy even more firecrackers to sell to rich kids.

At his Alma Mater, UBC, where Scotty’s B.A. in psychology was earned and used, he helped a famous Forensic Psychologist standardize a test for adults with learning disabilities… If you can f$%king believe it… It is in fact true. Later in life, Scotty broke into the world of business after studying at BCIT, and recently finished a successful 25-year career in the Corporate Wireless Phone Business with Rogers.

Scotty was quoted as saying…
“I have a knack (that’s a really good thing) for things that rhyme, I’ve been writing for friends ‘n’ family for a very long time. Short stories or even shorter prose, snappy and offbeat, we leave out the whoa’s, they’re used for inspiration and some kinda boast, only the best will receive my chosen roast!”

Another problem Scotty had was dyslexia, which made high school pretty troubling. He wound up barely passing French, and was forced to take Hebrew in university, where the only Asian in a class amongst 25 Jews scored the highest mark @ 98%, thus ensuring once again that Scotty’s self esteem would remain below the curve.

“What you learn from a young age can take you far, far away from reality…”

Sorry to jump around but hey, that’s how ADD works.

Now, Scotty spends most of his time doing stand-up comedy, writing his screenplay, plus producing/hosting his new TV show Rise of the Comics! AND he’s acting – yes, acting… both camera and voice. He’s well prepared, having lived on his own since age 17… Sometimes he feels special… He recently rocked the house for a private event at The University Golf Club, and he’s also volunteered for greeting patrons and red carpet escorting all three nights at the legendary Canadian Leo Awards… Sounds sophisticated, right!? Keep thinking that… This is what happens when you’re poor, and can’t afford to have a proper mid-life crisis!

When it comes down to it, Scotty is a true professional, with the skills and outlook to contribute meaningfully to any creative project. He can help organize, produce, or write for your entire event, or just do the funny… Up to you!

And if you’ve read this far then you are entitled to a discount on a private show… Comedy, he does comedy! Help build morale, move along agendas, even in a house, not just an office, or group home, or wherever/whatever you are… 6046553050 |