Rise of the Comics hosts Benny’s Bagels open mic XXV

As Mark O’Keeffe prepares to return to his home country of Ireland, Scott Aceman and the Rise of the Comics team was ecstatic to be a part of his final show at Benny’s Bagels on November 10th 2016. Mark was the de facto host for evening, and made sure to getting more and more intoxicated as the night went on… We think that was a pretty special way to go out!

Special thanks Ryan WilliamsJordan DucharmeSean McDonnellJenny ToewsTravis WattersJohn Guy and Ireland bound Mark O’Keeffe for everything… What a night!

Be sure to keep tabs on Benny’s Bagels‘ awesome entertainment nights in the near future! Great food, awesome performers, and great company in the heart of beautiful Kitsilano… What more can you ask for 🙂 Also, check out Rise of the Comics on Facebook for more local comedy nights and updates on the show as we continue to engage with Vancouver’s best comics and most exciting venues!

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